Summer courses for single mothers

Since 1996, the Center for the Advancement of Women Foundation,
together with the firms-patrons of this project, has run Summer
courses for single mothers.
The idea is to up-grade professional and social status of single mothers
and, in consequence, of their families. Also, to help women raise
their self-confidence and a sense of value.
Another advantage of this project is to provide education, by teaching
skills that would help find employment (in case of the jobless)
or extra qualifications which would help retain their current
employment (in case of longer unemployment intervals) or climb
a promotion ladder.
The courses include training in both elementary skills, such
as computer –writing, or computer book-keeping or practical
knowledge for setting up and running your own business.
The subject range of the courses change every year depending
on the requirements of the job market.
They are usually held in one location, at the Training Center
at Teresin.
The 3-week courses bring together groups of women who come here
with their children. In this way, they help them acquire skills
and qualification in a given area, in the form that is suitable to them.
While mothers learn, their children are taken care of by professional
staff and have a good time.
The Training Center’s facilities, food, tuition and other program
activities are all provided by organizers and sponsors who also cover
all expenses included in the training.
Courses are run by top experts and specialists in the selected field.

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