Everything started in 1991 with the actions accomplished within
the structures of the Democratic Action Foundation and International
Women’s Foundation.
In October 1993, the Centre for the Advancement of Women
Foundation was registered as an independent non-profit
non-governmental organization.

Our mission is to:
Shape the awareness of women and men on the principles
of equalitys.

The essential condition to accomplish our mission boils down to
a stronger involvement of women in professional, political, and social
life. In our activity we focus on supporting women in their
development so that their attitudes, skills, and knowledge,
are continuously perfected and allow them to take better and higher positions in society.
We help women fulfil themselves in various activities that should be
a source of joy and satisfaction. What we consider of key importance
the shaping of attitudes. In all our programmes, both in training
and counselling, we consider of utmost importance the consolidating
of women’s self-esteem, motivation, increasing efficiency,
of the ability to make choices and decisions, the taking over control
of their own life.

Our programmes target women who want to achieve more in life, but
do not necessarily know how to do it. Our Clients are women
of different age, of different educational background, of different life
values that they pursue. Among our Clients you will find women
who are having problems with finding employment, with keeping
their jobs, with promotions. There are also women who want to make herself prominent or function better in public life.

Take a look at our offer. You will certainly find something suitable
for yourself. Our activity is possible thanks to various national, foreign, and international programmes. We have also been involved
in implementing and partnering of various EU projects.

We are full of plans and ideas for new programmes.

Over 50,000 women have so far taken advantage of our support.

We are happy to see that our Clients “get under sail” (as one
Of the participants of our trainings has said). This is all possible thanks to the cooperation of experienced trainers supported by programmes worked out specially for the Foundation and taking into account the specific situation of women.

Our activity also focuses on the survey of the situation of women
on the labour market. The Foundation has contributed to a number
of studies trying to solve the problems of equal opportunities
for women and men on the labour market. We also author
the ‘Directory of Women’s Organizations and Initiatives in Poland”.
In 2005 it will be issued and updated for the fifth time.


Copyright 2004 Fundacja Centrum Promocji Kobiet