Thanks to this program your will rediscover all your potential that
you may have forgotten about or have been unable to recognize.
You will be able to decide how to use it in your employment search;
perhaps you will make up your mind to change your professions,
or perhaps you conclude that it is worthwhile to train for some higher
skills, but you will certainly become confident and start to believe that
if you only truly want…

The training is addressed to women looking for jobs or planning
to retrain; groups consist of 12 to 16 participants, the course is
30 hour-long (six hours daily for 5 days).

The training covers the following issues:
- boosting your own morale: work with a psychologist
- effective strategies of job searching
- appearance as an element of professional image: training with
   a visagist
- making your own portfolio
- defining of the employer’s expectations
- principles of CV and motivation letter writing
- preparing for an interview

The methods used during the training are individual and group
exercises, discussions and lectures.

As the effect of the training, you will become confident about your own causative power (not only on the labour market), but will also gain the ability to think about yourself in the categories of success
and opportunities. You will learn the ways to move around the labour
market, you will learn to write CVs and Motivation Letters. Moreover,
you will overcome the fear to meet with your employer.


Copyright 2004 Fundacja Centrum Promocji Kobiet