When you brought yet another cake you had baked to the office, it was devoured in a couple minutes and everyone was asking when you would make another one. Your sister once again asked you to make a birthday cake for her son, most preferably that delicious chocolate one.

You must admit that all your relatives and friends highly esteemed your cakes. And if they enjoyed them, perhaps other people will also find them equally delicious? Perhaps you should put this skill to some use? There is a nice small coffee shop not far from where you live and it is always full. Perhaps you should take some of your cakes there and make the customers sample them? Have you thought

of the situation when the customers like your cakes and would like

to have them every day? The coffee-shop owner would certainly ask

you to bake those cakes for him.

Or perhaps you would sooner be that coffee-shop owner for whom

a friend would be baking those delicious cakes? After all, you have

always enjoyed working with the people and you has always enjoying

There are so many ways to transform your everyday skills into

a prosperous business, providing you makes the first step.
There are professional counsellors and business advisors at the Centre for the Advancement of Women Foundation who will assist you  with every other step that will follow, for you have taken the first step when baking your first cake. Together with them you will verify

the options of setting up your own business.  You will discuss all

the advantages and threats related to running one’s own business.

You will analyse the market situation in relation to the branch of this

new business, you will verify the costs and potential profits resulting

from setting up your own business. You will certainly be able to find

answers to the most important questions:
 What form of business to choose? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, what are the legal responsibilities aspects for respective businesses? What are the best solutions for you as an employer? What are the business owner responsibilities towards the administration offices? What business forms require permits and licenses? You will find out that after fulfilling a few conditions, running your own business is within your reach.

Perhaps you have never considered such an option or have fully

rejected it, but isn’t it luring to be doing something you enjoy and make good money on it?
Wishing you all the success we invite you to consult our specialists.

Professional counsellors are at the Foundation’s seat every day

from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Business counsellors are available on Wednesdays, 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.

You are kindly asked to make a prior telephone appointment.

Phone/fax: (+48 22) 629-92-57
e-mail: centrum@promocjakobiet.pl



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