A success on the labour market will happen to those who are prepared for it. This means, those who are capable of professionally preparing all the necessary documents are aware of the methods and means to reach the potential employer, as well as can boasts of
self-presentation skills, so useful specially during an interview.

There is a great chance that we will change jobs more than just once. Therefore, it is worthwhile to already start preparing for it.

Professional counsellors working with the Centre for the Advancement of Women Foundation are people with ample knowledge of active job search methods, methods to move around the labour market, of preparing one’s own portfolio.

Your talk to the counsellor will first of all provide you with a factual

and emotional support in the effort to find employment, being a hard

and stressful process for most of us.

There is one more reason, possibly even the most important one,
for you to come and see our professional counsellor. The majority  of women are incapable of admitting even for themselves that they  have so many skills, they are incapable of naming their successes,  most often being simply unaware of them. When they make choices, they usually opt for the best solution for the others. This may be  an important reason for them not being satisfied and happy

 with what they do. It is very rare that they come to think what they enjoy doing, what they are good at, what they would really like to do. Yet we can harmonize out needs with the good of our loved ones,  so as to have more joy in life. It certainly is at least worth trying…


If you want to contact our counsellors, be prepared for three to five

sessions. In the course of those the two of you will find the positions

and jobs that will allow your skills to be best used.

You will also prepare your own portfolio necessary for writing your CV and motivation letter. You will train for a talk to your future employerso as to impress him or her and feel most at ease while presenting your own qualifications, skills, and successes.

Call us to meet with the professional counsellor.


You are most welcome!

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