If you want to start up your own business, but fear that once you
become involved in this form of professional activity you will be left all
on your own, vulnerable to unfriendly red tape, tricky accountants
and dishonest partners and contracting parties, come and see us.
Take advantage of free business counselling.

We will show you that you only need to fulfil a few conditions to have
your own business within your reach. Such counselling gives you an opportunity to discuss almost any imaginable topic related to running a business: from a general idea to all the details concerning HR, managing, finances, marketing, logistics, and EU.

Thanks to our counselling:
- you will have all the practical information about the real chances
of starting up your own business
- you will dispel your fears related to running your own business
(actually, those fears generally result from only hypothetical threats
that do not occur in everyday life)
- using specific cases you will get a chance to analyse issues related
to work organization and functioning of various types of businesses
- you will get to know many different dimensions of running one’s own business (not merely the administration and taxes, selling things, but also consolidating inter-human relations, planning, making dreams come true, motivating yourself and others)

- we will help you solve a definite problem
- we will give you motivation to act
- we will reveal new opportunities to you
- we will support you in your actions

Counselling sessions are held once a week.
Can you please phone us to choose a date for your visit?

tel./fax (+48 22) 629-92-57
e-mail: doradztwo@promocjakobiet.pl



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