Under sail is a four-week course for women who feel slightly confused on the labour market. Women who have lost employment, who want to resume professional activity after a longer break, who do not find  their current job satisfying, frequently do not know how to move around the labour market.

The training provides them with an ample knowledge about themselves, thd bour market, and the rules that run it. The main benefit of such  courses, being actually the most essential one, is a change of attitudes Once they complete the training, our participants are capable of talking  about themselves: "I can", "I want", "I prefer", "I will achieve". Moreover, they are provided with tools that allow them to continue working on themselves long after the course is completed. When preparing their own portfolios, not only the professional ones, they can define their strong points, which boosts their self-esteem and motivation and helps them to make choices regarding their  profession. During the course they also become acquainted with the rules that run the labour market, methods of job searching, they learn to define employers' expectations.

They learn to write their CVs and motivation letters, as well as how
to behave during an interview. A professional visagist advises everyone individually what clothes and make-up to wear for a meeting with the employer. Thanks to this, our Clients stop fearing their employers, they are far more confident when looking for a job. During the training with a lawyer, the course participants become acquainted with the basic labour law regulations.  They learn about the possibilities of setting up their own business.

Moreover, representatives of various institutions are invited to
the classes; for example, a visit is regularly paid by a representative
of the Employment Office.

The training is run by a female psychologist, professional advisors,
a lawyer, business specialist, and visagist.
It is held Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.


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