Who is it for?
women who know that they can live their lives better and know how
to achieve this
- at any stage in life
- at any age, in any professional and family situation
- married, single, raising children, with no children
- employed, jobless, working in their own business, searching for
  a job
- just about to graduate, starting their job, expecting to be laid-off,
  intending to change jobs, planning to retire, pensioners

to activate the whole personal potential of women for the benefit
of both their personal and professional life

Diving-board encompasses many issues important for women:
getting to know yourself * assertiveness * setting targets for yourself * balance between home and work * the world around us
* networking * opportunity bank

it gives answers to the following questions:
what works to my advantage * where and how to find support
* how to make a positive self-presentation * how to gain more energy and reduce anxiety

it suggests:
useful readings and addresses

individual shaping of one’s own development by means
of customized training materials

workshops: practical exercises in groups, inspiring encounters
with other women, also with visitors invited to each workshop,
who presents different life models, means to overcome difficulties,
to achieve success

For how long?
3 months, these including 4 monthly workshops (8 hours each)
in groups with up to some dozen participants

- feeling of one’s own power and the ability to use it to one’s own
  advantage in contacts with other people
- easy, effective, and assertive communication
- ability to find new opportunities in oneself and around
- motivation to take advantage of one’s life opportunities
- skill of positive self-presentation
- possibility to benefit from the effects of the training in different life situations in personal  and professional life

the total cost of the participation of one person in the programme (comprising workshops, training materials, individual contacts
with counsellors and trainers, as well as meals during workshops)
is 1,100 PLN. There is an option of instalment-basis payment, as well as including the cost as a tax-deductible item

can be done either by phone or in writing:

Phone/fax: (+48 22) 629 92 57
e-mail: trampolina@promocjakobiet.pl


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