Have you heard about teleemployment?

Teleemployment is a form of employment, outside the firm
and with the use of modern information technology.
It is particularly recommended for women, who are willing,
are able to, or have to work at home.

Teleemployment is just another form of working therefore,
the process of looking for telework, in other words, of searching
teleemployer is identical with the traditional job search model Ability
(organization and technology) to perform tasks in the system of
teleemployment is an extra asset in job seeking.

Would you like to know more about it?

Is teleemployment a good solution for you ?

Center for the Advancement of Women Foundation offers you training
on: Teleemployment in my professional career.

Training objectives:
- to learn about the idea of telework
- how to look for telework
- how to organize work for teleemployer (how to create a work place)
- to assess your ability to perform telework

Training includes different instruction methods, such as lectures, case
analysis, group work and PP presentation.
Instructor: Ms. Daria Sowinska-Milewska
Location: Foundation’s Office.
Duration: 4 x 45 minutes
Inquiries and applications by telephone or my mail.

The Foundation offers supplementary materials on a CD
“Introduction to Teleemployment”.
Orders for the CD can be placed by telephone or by mail.

Phone/fax: (+48 22) 629 92 57
e-mail: telepraca@promocjakobiet.pl


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