Something for pearl divers 1
At the turn of 2007 and 2008, the Centre for the Advancement of Women Foundation conducted a three-month pilot training program to activate women over 50. Entitled “Something for pearl divers 1” the program was addressed to female residents of Warsaw registered as unemployed, including 60% long-term. Education, work experience or period of unemployment were not taken into consideration during recruitment

Part 1 consisted of 7-unit 6-week intensive training. The aim of training was to interest beneficiaries in professional self-awareness, by gaining an understanding of the job selection process, acquisition of new skills connected with the job search and undertaking of professional decisions, as well as to find a job consistent with professional predispositions, personal abilities and recognized values.

Part 2 rested on an active job offer search, contacts with potential employers, and interviews leading to employment. It was assumed that, as an outcome of Parts 1 and 2, 40% of program participants will find a job. On the final day of the program in January 2008, 70% of participants had signed an employment contract. The remainder did not due to other reasons unrelated to the program initiators.

The success of the pilot program, which resulted in 70% of women finding jobs laid the foundation for its continuation. Since May 2008, the second part of the program commenced called “Something for pearl divers 2.” By the end of January 2009, the Foundation will conclude work with the last of four project groups and present its results.