The "Save the World from… Littering – the Internet Adventure" program was addressed to people over 50, who care for the environment and want to catch up with the latest technologies - from the Internet to multimedia presentations. The subjects of trainings and practical classes focused on the specific issues of ecology, a healthy lifestyle and the beauty of nature. We aimed at enabling the elders, who never previously had such an opportunity, to join the main information-based current of the society and to sensitize them to the subject of the environment.

We invited the employed and the unemployed persons, as well as pensioners and grandparents to participate in the program. We assumed that our program will also strengthen the ties between generations, by creating a modern platform of the accord. As it subsequently turned out, this goal was achieved.

The program was conducted in three 5-week sessions. Each group had participated in the following workshops:

  • A computer course for beginners
  • Use of the Internet and e-mail
  • Use of a camcorder, digital camera and multimedia overhead projector service
  • Preparation of a Power Point presentation
  • ‘An ecological awareness’ workshop
  • A public appearance workshop

Participants received practical assignments: to seek out the material on the Internet for a multimedia presentation in the Internet, send it to the coach and to prepare a public statement. Then, participants showed their presentations to students at pre-arranged schools. All subjects considered related to ecology.


Women’s Promotion Association
ul. Lwowska 17, flat 3 Warsaw POLAND;
Funded by:
Fundusz Inicjatyw Obywatelskich, MPiPS Citizen Initiatives Fund, Ministry of Labor