21 grudzień 2004



Directory of Women’s Organizations and Initiatives in Poland

Center for the Advancement of Women Foundation has been
gathering information concerning women’s issues since the very
beginning of its activities. In order to respond to the number of
everyday inquiries we have decided to produce a Directory of
Women’s Organizations and Initiatives in Poland
, published since 1993 in the Polish-English Language version (available are 1993, 1995, 1997 and 2000 editions. The 2005 edition is in preparation).

The Directory contains current information on organizations,
institutions, companies, research and study centers run by women
and/or working and promoting women throughout Poland.
It is a source of information for both, people looking for all kinds of
assistance and for experts dealing with women’s issues; students,
researchers writing their Master’s and Doctoral thesis, journalists.
It promotes information about different projects and facilitates
setting up contacts in search for co-operation partners.

The information contained in this publication comes directly
from the organizations which provide a fairly concise description of
their approach to selected problems, methodology, number of
people working for the organization and the people to which
the organization addresses its program, also current accomplishments.

The Directory is broadly distributed in all public administration offices
and institutions. It is also available in 22 libraries which receive its
sample copies ( in Katowice, Krakow, Lublin, Poznan, Wroclaw,
Warsaw, to mention a few) and it is distributed by the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs in Polish missions all over the world. It is also send
to international organizations, such as International Labor
Organization and all other organizations co-operating with the CAW
Foundation, state central and local administration offices, Companies,
banks, Polish and foreign organizations, participants of Polish
and international conferences and of women’s events, including media.

The development of the 2005 Directory of Women’s Organizations
and Initiatives has been made possible due to the Canadian Embassy
which, considering the value of such publication, for the second
time, ( foremly, the 1995 edition) provided funding for its production .

At present we are trying to receive extra funding for the publication
of a completed , new version of the Directory.
Following the introduction of the 22% VAT tax on printing services
the cost of production has gone up not to say of the Directory’s more
sizeable volume (more than 60% increase in the number
of organizations).

We therefore appeal to all companies and institutions who are
interested in women’s issues to extend support in funding printing of
the highly required 5th edition of the Directory of Women’s
Organizations and Initiatives in Poland.


Copyright 2004 Fundacja Centrum Promocji Kobiet