21 grudzień 2004




Since September 2004, we have been working on the project funded by the Polish Agency for the Development of Entrepreneurship, called:
The Center for the Advancement of Women – a Model Institution
for working with the Unemployed Women.
We are proud to have been involved in doing this project. We feel that CAW had been recognized as a model organization in this field.
This creates an excellent opportunity for us to evaluate the Center’s
activities undertaken so far and makes us share experience we gathered in 13 years of our work.

We are planning to produce information materials containing:
- profile of an organization of the CAW’s type, its legal
  and administrative structure
- labor market research
- methodology and program of CAW’s training courses

The Center wants to promote training course in other organizations
to increase awareness of women’s problems on the labor market.
With this aim, we will develop and implement a system of co-operation With the Public Employment Offices and other employment-related organizations.

We have been very pleased to receive funding for office renovation.


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