The Centre for the Advancement of Women Foundation offers free
counselling on labour law.

Termination of employment …
If you have problems related to the termination of employment,
if you  disagree with the decision of your employer, if you want to know what your rights under such circumstances are, come and see our experts.  Here you will receive ample information on the rights
and responsibilities that the termination procedure applied in your case imposes on you. Let us not forget that employment termination may be caused due to the reasons that are either employer’s or employee’s responsibility; the procedure used may be either ordinary
or disciplinary, there may be a group redundancy procedure
or an individual lay-off resulting from a definite job reduction. In each
of the above cases your rights and responsibilities are different. In order to avoid losing a chance to receive severance pay due to the job reduction, or to avoid paying a penalty for breaking the competition clause, come and talk to our expert and choose employment termination options that suit your situation best.

Problems with getting your pay …
If your employer fails to comply with your pay deadline as agreed with you, do not wait. It is the employer’s duty to pay you in time, just as your duty is to timely perform your job. You are to be duly paid for
the work done. No excuse can account for the employer’s delay with
your pay. Do not accept any part payments or delayed payments.
If such a situation occurs, immediately consult our legal expert what
to do. If you react in a quick and decisive way, your employer will
realize that he or she has to do with a professional whom they must
respect and also respect their rights.

Labor rights related to parenthood …
We very often come across situations when only men can fill certain
positions or are sought as employees by certain companies. Women,
even if qualified better than men, stand a much smaller chance to find some responsible positions due to their sex and family responsibilities  generally ascribed to women. If during the interview your potential  employers make you understand that you are not the right candidate since you are a woman, if they enquire whether you are married or have children, you should be aware of the fact that such questioning means violating your rights. If you’re male colleague less qualified than yourself has been promoted, find out why. If there are no factual reasons for that particular promotion, one may assume that your sex was the reason for being left behind. We must not allow such situations happen, since they mean violating labor law. Consult our expert to find out how to act in such a situation.

If you have the least doubt about your relations with your employer,
do not hesitate to ask a lawyer. This will be the best way out for you,
and after all you are the central figure in this issue.

A lawyer, expert on labor law, is available for you at the seat of the Centre for the Advancement of Women Foundation on Fridays,
10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Can you please phone us to choose a date for your visit?

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