Women who are incapable of coping with the difficult situation
of unemployment need mental support.

It happens that they experience a break down, especially after yet
another failed attempt to find a job. They tend to either seek only bad
qualities in themselves, or just to the contrary, to look for obstacles
to find a job that is not dependent on themselves.

However, the situation is hardly ever so black-and-white.
What women most frequently need is to boost their own morale,
to build their confidence, to overcome shyness, to rediscover their own potential, and to gain the support of their closest surroundings

If you feel that your case matches such syndromes, contact our
psychology expert who will help you discover the real reasons for your failures and ascertain a new more objective judgement of the situation, as well as to thoroughly analyse your potential necessary to solve some of your problems. She will also help you analyse and work out means to overcome your difficult situation.

You can expect to find here a similar assistance if you are faced not
so much with problems of finding a job, but of holding onto it
or with performing your professional tasks.

A female runs individual hour-long counselling, she is a psychologist
with a great deal of experience in working with women; she is patient, calm, she has a warm gentle voice, she is affirmative, though she will  require some involvement from your side.

Such sessions are held daily, once or twice
a week if required, after a telephone appointment.

Phone/fax: (+48 22) 629 92 57
e-mail: doradztwo@promocjakobiet.pl



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