Anna Sawczuk combines many professions in one: an engineer,
a trader, a consultant, and a trainer. Anna works as an employment
consultant with the Aktiff

Centre for the Promotion of Employment and as a trainer, in sales
and customer service of the Szary Cylinder company. She is also
a member of Warsaw Business Club. Since 1997, she has been teaching effective communication and image building in companies,
organizations and in colleges or universities. As for her work
in the Center, Anna offers consulting and training services in building
of the company’s image.

“I would like to make women aware of the importance of self
-presentation, about speaking of their accomplishments
and professional qualities”.

She writes on the subject of professional and personal development,
on the career planning, also about image building and interpersonal
communication in Gazeta Wyborcza, Gazeta Prawna and Zycie
Warszawy newspaper. She is the editor of internet version
of newsletters, “TOR”- personal development, and of Aktiff News.

“The very special quality of each man lies in his or her uniqueness.
I am unique in my admiration for the potential of an individual
for his/her development and in the belief that it is worthwhile
to identify the area in which you can best use your potential and natural talents. And what I can do best is… asking inspiring/open questions”.


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