Anna Nawrot is a psychologist by profession. She graduated from Warsaw University. She is a licensed trainer of the British
Program of Personal Development, Springboard. Prior to her work
for the Center for the Advancement of Women, Anna Nawrot was radio and television announcer, working for 15 years for the National Radio and TV Broadcast (PR & TV) and for 5 years, for non-public media.

At present, apart from her work for the Foundation, Anna presents
summer concerts of Chopin’s music at the Łazienki Park in Warsaw.

In the Center (CWA), Anna is responsible for the Springboard Project
of Professional and Personal Development and also for free
psychological counseling. Anna is the editor of CAW’s Newsletter, also organizes conferences and competitions, including the one
on “A Woman of Europe”.

Her favorite area of study is psycho - neurology (brain, cognitive
process, memory and her pastime activities include: people, music,
dance, cycling, hiking, walking in the forest, traveling, visiting warm
countries, Summer and the most recent hobby: her granddaughter.

“My aim is not only to share and make good use of my experience
and skills with other women, but also to continue learning new things”.

“I have been working for the Center because there, I constantly
discover new challenges and it makes me increasing addicted to it as
if I were a drug-addict….. “.



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